Priboi Story : Mise à jour 1.1 !

Le mod de l'équipe dez0wave est passé en version 1.1
Même s'il faudra attendre la version 1.2 pour avoir une nouvelle histoire et les nouvelles maps, cette mis a à jour est une excellente nouvelle pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore touché au mod original Priboi Story, ou pour ceux qui voudraient s' y remettre.
Au menu : correction de bugs, optimisation, équilibrage (des armes notamment), nouvelles cachettes pour les documents, nouveaux codes, meilleurs blowouts etc...

La version 1.1 est à télécharger par ici.

Je compte essayer cette 1.1 la semaine prochaine et probablement faire un retour sur le forum de

Le readme de la 1.1 :

General Information
Type.................: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. TOTAL CONVERSION
Authors..............: dez0wave team
Contact..............: dezowave[at]
Version..............: 1.1 FULL (new game needed) *
Compression Format...: "7Z" ZIP (
Patches..............: World Wide Eng 1.0004 & 1.0005 **

* you can't run this 1.1 if you have 1.0 installed!
** the mod is patched for 1.0004 english version by default

Release Notes

This is the 1.1 version of the long awaited Priboi Story. Actually we would
call it the 1.0, what we always wanted to release, but because of time, we
could not finish all the things we wanted. Now this version brings all the
cutout features from PS 1.0. However we are already working on 1.2, and that
will bring more fun, and almost each level will contain new alife.

In 1.1, mostly we concentrated to fix what we can, there were some bugs, most
of them was acceptable, but we tried to clean the mod as much as we could.
This mod is not an other serious sam style braindead shooting simulator. We
aimed on adventure - rpg elements, however the life in the zone is not easy as
you would think.

If you think your pc can handle some graphics tuning, we tested priboi 1.1 with
Sky4ce Skygraphics 1.81 mod. You can grab it from here:

Download: (v1.81)

You may find more info about us at our website, or we can inform you about the
progress in email too.

The 1.1 version contains all PS 1.0 features, we included the 1.0 readme too, so
you will find everything in 1 place.

We hope you will have more fun in this version. We included some weapons and
some new drivable vehicles, and optimized the levels.

If you have a question, or just want to say something, you will find us at GSC
Forum, or our main site. We have a nice, small community here.

Features of 1.1 version


- New main menu music by MoozE
- Removed the flames from the reactor (it looked weird 1 year after shoc story,
also now it looks cooler at nights)
- Many item got new place, so if you played 1.0, you don't need to fear, that it
will be boring, also codes were changed!
- Your house got a marker on the map
- While you are underground, a blowout can happen, it has no sideeffects yet in
1.1 but at least it helps you to know, not to leave the safe area for a few minutes
- New blowout, we removed the old one completely
- Blowout kills the birds (all of them will fall down, after a while they will
- Blowout can be customized in blowout.ltx (turn on-off for blowout, birds, mutants, psy,
by the way, the psy is disabled by default, kill the birds is on, kill mutants is off)
- Found codes will appear in your diary, so you don't need to check all
documents again if you need them.
- Blowout hideouts will be marked on pda map 1-2 minutes before the blow.
- After the blowout ends and you are in hideout, you will get an on screen note,
that it is safe, and you can go out again
- Realistic weapon configs
- New weapon sounds
- 7 new drivable vehicles (red and blue bus, gaz, lada, new kamaz, zaz986,
- Traders were finetuned, and we put back the infoportion type trading, so you
can't buy everything at first, you need to complete several quests to allow
traders to sell you more. Of course their prices are always different, and they
sell different stuffs. You can only buy detectors and ecolog stuff from Ecologs,
Barman won't sell antidote, and devices. Duty will sell only duty related
things. Also they give low prices for your items, so it's not as easy as it was
in 1.0
- Underground levels now have ambient music, because before there were no music
at ug levels
- Better damage system. Now it's real hard and challenging on harder
difficulties, but also it's not easy on novice mode.
- 6 new food type (sardina, olives, corn, preserved meal, ratpie, peanut)
- New wpns (21 new) (credits and list below) and they are added to npcs, and
traders, balanced of course
- If you kill one of your friends, you will get warning, after 2nd warning they
will turn into hostile
- Scary storm, realistic thunder sounds from stormchasers (RHumphries, SpeedY,
FreqMan, Charel Sytze)
- Better, scarier lightnings during storm (sometimes they are real close)
- Tweaked weather, brings back the old feelings
- More darker nights
- cutout mutants have now monster-parts (cat head, izlom hand, poltergeist
brain, tushkano body that you can eat)

For maximum graphics quality, we recommend to use Sky4ce 1.81 mod.


Fixes since the 1.0 version

- sleeping bag fix included from 1.0
- fixed item descriptions (added the missing ones, and corrected the old)
- items fixed, now you can't sell your own pda and bolt and binoc
- crash on death fixed
- bar warzone fixed, other factionwar zones fixed, now you won't become enemy to
duty and loners, if you help them
- pda map color matches the current summer season in zone
- now cigarette works fine, so it reduces health, but reduces hunger too as in
real life
- the blue energy drink fixed, it's stronger now, and of course costs more
- the minimap was fixed too to match current season color
- the slowest levels were fixed, now garbage runs much better
- npcs use the new wpns too, also it depends on rank
- some respawns fixed or altered
- some labs were empty, until now
- fixed blowout spawn (no more ridiculous things, also no more artifacts out of
level border)
- bridge major fixed (you can talk him anytime)
- blockpost commander fixed (not wandering around Radar and Pripyat so you can
finish your quests)
- fixed vodka task
- bridge mayor, blockpost commander got god mode, since they are important npc-s
(they were almost immortal in 1.0 too)
- more detailed mission descriptions (some of them have photos attached)
- disappearing documents and items fixed
- many npcs were removed from cordon, since it was flooded with soldiers, and
the game was slow a bit :)
- better task descriptions, some of them has images too
- fixed npc trading, now they wont sell their guitar, harmonica, pda and weapons
anymore, but they still buy anything
- arena fixed, now you won't fight with soldiers, and Arnie is immortal
- ppl needed more mutants at yantar, and other mostly empty levels, so blowout
will spawn more stuff, each level has at least 20 or 30 different spawn point
for monsters
- other little tweaks (nothing big, and nothing important but needed)

CREDITS for 1.1 version

- Ambient music by MoozE
- Weapon skins by Pollux
- Some npc skins by Siro
- Some skins by Marco M
- Darius6 weapon and storm sounds from Sound Overhaul
- Some more real thunderclap sounds recorded by stormchasers (RHumphries,
SpeedY, FreqMan, Charel Sytze)
- Vehicles by Andrei Gerasimov (dez0wave coopeative)
- PLR Realistic Wpns mod 2.5
- Pkm & P90 and Mosin Nagant + Mosin Nagant Scoped (author: Gosuke)
- AK47 and PPSH (authors: Dester & Zereset)
- BM16 Long Rifle (author: Loxotron, GSC)
- Saiga 12c (authors: Tambovski, BarbAn, S_Cream_Err, Fantom Oblivion, xStream,
- Benelli M1 Short (authors: Twinke Masta, Thanez)
- PP-19 Bizon (authors: cryomerk, readersdigest, Millenia)
- FN2000 Old (author: Z.E.N., GSC)
- Kriss Super V (authors: RedRogueXIII, SilentAssassin12, Twinke Masta)
- Ingram MAC10 (authors: Pete, Millenia)
- MP7 (authors: Schmung, the_tub, SureShot, DarkElfa ®, Thanez)
- OTS-33 (authors: Kimono, Millenia)
- Steyr TMP (authors: Logger, Thanez)
- TEC-9. (authors: Z.E.N.)
- Groza 2 (author: Z.E.N., GSC)
- Mp5K (authors: Z.E.N.)
- AK103 (authors: Z.E.N.)
- Sr3 Vihr (authors: Z.E.N.)
- Walter 99 (authors: Z.E.N.)
- Toz34 sawn off (author: Z.E.N., GSC)
- Particles.xr file for weapons merged by EggChen.

The models of counter strike weapons and textures created by:
Twinke Masta, Thanez, cryomerk, readersdigest, Millenia, Pete, Schmung,
the_tub, SureShot, DarkElfa®, RedRogueXIII, SilentAssassin12, Logger, Dav0r,
Downloadable Skillz, Kimono, GigantoR, Kurgan, Rionname.
These models were animated and edited for stalker compartiblity by: Z.E.N.

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